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Color: Multicolor
Material: ABS coated
Shape: Rectangular, Square
Feature: Magnetic
No. of Piece: 151
Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 3 inches
Weight: 1.52 pounds

SKU: Building Blocks Construction Sets-m7 Category:

– Magnetic building tiles are educational toys that help to stretch the imagination and cultivate creativity. Magnet blocks can be connected arbitrarily, with non-magnetic doors, windows, wheels, and other accessories, children can give free play to their creativity and imagination, strengthen their diffuse thinking ability, and build various different shapes they want.
– The mini magnet tiles toy is suitable for all ages, children can play from childhood to adulthood. It is suitable for playing with parents or friends, which can increase parent-child relations and friend relations. At the same time, it can cultivate children’s communication skills and enhance teamwork ability.
– The shell of the mini magnet blocks for kids is made of ABS, which is a food-grade environmental protection material and non-toxic. The magnet adopts a natural permanent magnet with strong magnetic force and is not exposed, connecting the magnetic building tiles closely together, which is safe for children and can be used for a long time.
– The 151pcs magnetic tile set includes 115pure magnetic teils: 42 squares, 45 triangles, 15 semicircles, 4 long triangles, 2 hexagons, 2 sectors, 2 arch parts, 2 trapezoids, and 1 rectangle. Besides, 29 no magnetic accessories, 4 vehicle wheels, 1 ferry wheel bracket, 1 specification, and 1 storage bag will be included.
– Product Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 3 inches; 1.52 pounds


  1. Natalie S.

    Bought it for a gift! They loved it! Cute colors for my niece!! Great quality for the price!!

  2. Thomas H.

    Great toy for creative play!

  3. Earline Wiggins

    My daughter is 5 years old she loves the magnets and so do I. All I can say is they’re great!!!

  4. Kevin Liu

    The magnetic toy was fun for my child to play with. It doesn’t break easily which is really great. It also keeps my child busy for quite some time and is a overall great toy.

  5. Holly Hansen

    Basic set is good for younger children.

  6. Karen

    It gets the creative juices flowing.. both my granddaughters love this and play endlessly with it!!

  7. Teresa Cabe

    My grandchildren love these. They are all the time building different things. Keeps them busy for hours.

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